Thursday, 23 October 2008

987 - Dave

I was taking the photos of the Dome when a bike pulled up beside me. It took me a moment to recognise Dave - I hadn't seen him for several months. Dave's bike has a bell on it with a worn sticker - "I love bikes". He was wearing a beat-up jacket and cap against the cold. He'd also been eyeing up the Dome.

For a year, 2005-06, I attended Whitley Bay's Baptist Church, where I felt happiest on the edge, near the back. Dave regularly sat near the back. In protestant churches, especially, this seems to be the creative norm - one reason why I find the conversations around emerging church forms, where creativity is often more actively celebrated, so interesting.

Dave is an artist, teacher and long-term Tyneside Coaster. He also has two blogs, one a great mix of commentary on his painting and photography - artist and teacher in dialogue; the other a collection of pictures alone.

He's far too self-critical! There are many fine, fine pictures of North Tyneside and Newcastle. He teaches locally. Some of the most interesting posts are about his collaborations with class-members.

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