Wednesday, 12 November 2008

974 - Mimble (definition)

Mimble (noun) - a mini ramble, a very very short walk; (verb) - to hike an exceedingly small distance; (quote) - "I mimbled lonely as a cloud, that floats on high o'er dale and hill..." - William Wordsworth, famously recounting his mimble to the daffodil clump at the foot of his garden.

Today marks the launch of the WBM - the Whitley Bay Mimblers.

It will be dedicated to the meticulous planning and execution of mimbles in Whitley Bay and surrounding areas.

Short walks, with maximum impact. From the car-park to St Mary's Lighthouse. Around the lake at Marden Quarry. Around the block. In to and out of the Briardene.

Full hiking equipment required - boots, jackets, rucksacks and sticks; Kendal Mint Cake; GPS; Map and Map Case; copy of CAMRA pub guide; gaiters; hip flask; emergency whistle; emergency back-up hip flask; sun-cream, scarf and gloves; fleece (cat design on front optional); scissors (for scrumping cuttings from National Trust gardens); ball of wool (for attaching to tea shop doors, and unravelling, to prevent loss); compass; shades, and Werther's Toffees.

This post is dedicated to someone who'll ramble again, one day. But in the meantime, we'd like to help you get your walking strength and confidence back, and we reckon mimbles are the way forward. You know who you are, Hectoria.

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