Tuesday, 24 March 2009

870 - Great Timing

...And as I contemplate the final paragraph of my last post, about what I am doing, and how it plays with labels, and the state's use of them, who should ring up but Business Link:

"Hi, I'm calling on behalf of Business Link and One North East [local Government funding body]. You had some contact with us over the last twelve months. Can I ask you a few questions, for auditing?"

"Yes, but... [laughs]... the answers might be a bit complicated."

"Er... okay. This call may be recorded, for training purposes. Your business idea, have you put it into practice yet? Are you trading?"

"Mm. Well, it's kind of an artistic idea, and one of the things I'm questioning is whether we need money to run a society."

"So... are you invoicing anyone yet?"

"Well... "

"Can I say you're 'in between'?"

"Yes. Yes, that's definitely okay." [I'm thinking, having just typed the post I've typed, I can't back off now, but 'in between' is just the phrase I need. Thank you, audit-boy!]

"Okay, so I'll say you haven't started trading yet. So that's everything. I don't need to ask you anything more."

"Okay, then."


"I said it'd be complicated."

"Okay, bye."


If that's the sound of Business Link shutting me up in a shoebox, I hope I was able to dance around on its edge a bit before they fit the lid on.


hectoria said...

They are probably totting up their sums for the financial year so don't worry about which box they have put you in. It's their box not your. I typed tooting the first time, is that better?

Steve Lancaster said...

Probably they are, and I'm not worried about the specifics: I just like the timing!

And yes, 'tooting up' is definitely better!