Monday, 4 May 2009

841 - Rendezvous Cafe Window

Sitting inside with tea and fabulous outsized muffins. I like the way that the marks on the window, and the old-fashioned putty-edged iron frames, make the scene outside look like photographic plates from an ancient camera. I thought about cropping the photo, and tried it, but the vestige of frame in the top left-hand corner guides the eye: removing it opens the picture out too much.


ColonelFazackerley said...

I like it too. I would be interested to see another photo with more the frame in, for more edges.

How long does one have to wait for a cloud that photogenic?


hectoria said...

I,m there with you on this but I chose to go to my favourite cafe yesterday for breakfast (Crusoes at Tynemouth).They have expanded their range of sanwiches & the range of muffins.

Steve Lancaster said...

Hi Colonel, hi Hectoria,

Re: clouds - you wait years for one and then they all come at once (got some other great snaps on Saturday - will post them over the next few days).

Edges - yes, I've a couple of landscapes of the same windows - one including St Mary's Lighthouse. Somehow this portrait had the most immediate impact - but the others win on capturing the 'film strip' effect.

We walked all the way round from Shiremoor - up to Earsdon, Holywell Dene, then the Lighthouse, and down to Tynemouth. Didn't stop at Crusoe's - great scones and sausage sarnies too! Will tell you all about it tomorrow, H?