Thursday, 6 August 2009

793 - Betty Boop at Maugham's

Maugham's in Whitley Bay has a shop window full of the wildest out-there ornaments you're likely to see. Here's Betty Boop(s), just left of the Pendelphin range, right from the Native Americans, up from the Chinese Dragons and in the window adjacent to the Elvises.


Dominic said...

Heh, I love this shop. I often wonder who actually buy this stuff. I suspect it is a mafia money laundering hot spot.

Steve Lancaster said...


I'll never look at their patio paving stone displays in the same way again!

Sid Smith said...

I love Maughan's - it's like the shop that time forgot. Long may it contine though - it'd be a shame to see another shop closure here. However, I've always wondered how it manages to stay open. Now thanks to Dominic's comment, I now know!

Dominic said...
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Dominic said...

Just to clarify my position,

Replacement for previous post were I appear to have been worried about hoses heads, not horses heads)

- I don't think it is a mafia front ( I was joking).

- I don't think they Launder money via Betty Boop Figurines and comedy wigs.

- I won't be singing like a canary(patterned oven gloves).

- I don't want to swim with the (wind up plastic) fishes.

- I don't want a horses head in my bed (even is it ceramic and quarter scale).

Steve Lancaster said...

I like the idea of the mafia leaving hose heads in the (flower?)beds of people they want to bump off. I guess that'd be in Maugham's Gardening Department.

Went into the shop recently to explore their new Stationery Department, to find it was a shelf with some sellotape and envelopes on it. It was beautiful hyperbole...