Wednesday, 28 April 2010

708 - Binker

Binker: measure of the correlation between empirical reality and a given account of it. Or between two accounts of it.


hectoria said...

ah memories of maths (I quite enjoyed maths & have 2 O levels to prove the fact). Enjoyed this Steve, what a great word, & just remember how much better we all feel regardless of height when we lose weight.

Steve Lancaster said...

Binker is the name of AA Milne's imaginary friend: there's a link to the poem - here

Richard Dawkins, in The God Delusion, said God was like Binker.

It just struck me as interesting that you can believe something that is absolutely true, or not true at all, and I wondered if it was worth thinking of truth as a continuum rather than either/or. If so, you could describe the degree to which two accounts of reality accord with each other in terms of a correlation.

ColonelFazackerley said...

More marginalia!

Steve Lancaster said...

Will oblige...!