Friday, 15 October 2010

676 - Depression

Tangled up in my spirituality have been a lot of symptoms which have recently been diagnosed for me as Depression.

A clinical psychiatrist described this as severe, meaning, he qualified (I think), deep-seated. Who knows how deep? Perhaps I have been depressed since my mid-teens. That might have flavoured my whole spiritual journey.

Depression can result in wrong-thinking, but wrong-thinking can result in depression too. Wilful wrong-thinking would be my fault, in a fault-finding universe.

Anyway, lots of questions, and, at point of writing, maybe a glint of light that isn't hellfire (though it might not be heaven, either). Not to waste it, I'm posting this, but ending my post here.


dave said...

tatsad Steve, I tried to email you on the quercus email but not working have you a new one?

dave said...

sorry: mistyuping!!! sad, I meant, I've been thinking about you since I saw you last in whitley bay

Steve Lancaster said...

Hi Dave, you can reach me on the email on my blogger profile (won't stick it on this comment just in case). Not so blue today!