Sunday, 28 December 2008

936 - Nursery Rhyme

Hey Whitley diddle
Two bids in the middle
The Great Ox jumped over the Dome
The Five-Legged Rabbit
Laughed "Art ain't just 'grab it':
It's passion and freedom to roam."


Andy said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the card. I enjoyed the tale of Bolankey. I have also signed up for an RSS feed of your blog.
Andy B

Steve Lancaster said...

Hi Andy! Thanks for dropping by.

Thanks for your card too! E leans over my shoulder and says 'don't forget he's pregnant' (!). We do hope all is well with you both (all?). Much love and good wishes to you for 2009.

Hey, we'll see where the blog goes! At time of writing, I feel a bit mischievous. Haven't introduced the Stubborn State of Bolankey to this blog yet, but might just...