Tuesday, 27 January 2009

919 - Sloth Man

Dug this up in a stack of papers I was sorting.

Sloth Man is hanging from a surveillance camera down by the Spanish City Dome when a heinous crime takes place beneath. What will he do? To be continued...

[Click for larger image.]


Claire O'Brien, artist, animator said...

Hi Steve,

Getting round to reading your blog. Loving the love letters to Whitley Bay but finding the deeper stuff beyond my full understanding. I would like to see more of your art on here. I want to know what's going on those lower panels of Sloth Man, looks intriguing, Any chance of a bigger scan?


Steve Lancaster said...

Yeah, putting the artwork up when I do it, but I probably don't do it enough.

I'll show you the original next time you come round!

Having fun doing a session with the Rangers on Thursday - based around graphic novels and storytelling.

Sorry about the deep stuff! (insincerely)