Friday, 19 June 2009

810 - Whitley Playhouse

The old playhouse saw Ken Dodd and Abba tributes, local am-dram and arthouse cinema. It was a must-play stop-off for big name bands in the seventies and eighties.

The new building (which houses the stage of the old, with the rest of the infrastructure re-built around it) opens in September.

This is taken across the meadow that has sprung from the former site of the Marine Park First School, an oasis of beauty in the town that, I reckon, would make a great nature reserve - the Coquet Avenue Pocket Park?


Dominic said...

Yup I walk past this every day and think about how nice it is becoming.

Watch them turn it into a car park..

Steve Lancaster said...

Dominic, hi...

Cow parsley in the meadow this year (wasn't there last year, I think). I like the way the taller plants are raising themselves in a clump just back from Park Road - straining for maximum light, only the taller plants last. Darwin in action!

Also the way we've walked three paths across the meadow - just three. Another few years of walking and we can claim them as public rights of way...

With the church on one side, and the playhouse on the other, and a first school alongside that is demonstrating its green credentials with a small wild area of its own, maybe, just maybe, someone can see beyond the need to build and drive everywhere...?