Tuesday, 9 June 2009

822 - Last Post on Monkseaton High and Microsoft

Thanks for the comments in the last post, folks. Here's my final word on Monkseaton High and Microsoft, elevated from the comments section to a post in its own right, because I'm lazy, and also there's a (pretty) good joke at my expense at the end.


Hi all,

There's a part of me, yes, that says, 'These things happen - live with it.'

There's a (peaceful) part of me that says, 'Bring on the revolution...'.

There's a (very small) part of me that says, 'Microsoft are just great and hugely generous, and Monkseaton High is in their debt, etc. etc.'

And there's a (voluble) part of me that says, 'More people see the outside of the building than will ever see the inside. It is ugly. Microsoft may be giving grants, but that's a pittance beside what they earn (and what they hope to get from exploiting such grant-giving - for example, more kudos to put money into a relatively deprived area than an affluent one). This is supposed to appeal to young adults, not children. And four blocks on the roof will actually communicate the brand identity better than the scattergun effect anyway (as this will replicate the logo more faithfully).'

I'm right, and you all know it!

Put yourselves in Microsoft's shoes. Is it better for them to:

1. Identify with an act of aesthetic vandalism which will alienate at least as many people as it attracts, so that any positives are mitigated by a 'shame about the exterior'?


2. Celebrate the positives their educational grant brings, in a bold building, with their logo in proportion on the roof, but minimal environmental impact beyond that?

Look, I lived for three years up the road from the
McDonalds UK Headquarters in East Finchley. They called it McDonalds University. The road leading into it was even named College Road. Beyond a reasonable logo, there was no sign that this was a global company. If McDonalds doesn't need the show, why does Microsoft?

'Nuff said. I've made my point. Off now to use my Mac. It's just the right height to prop my book up at an aesthetically pleasing angle.


Claire O'Brien said...

LOL, a novel use of your Macbook (geddit?).

You say we know you are right, how can you not be when four different parts of you have four different opinions? You're right about how ugly the building is, definitely, but I personably don't begrudge it because of the people who will benefit from using it, but then again it's not in my back yard.

That last post prompted some good discussion Steve, looking forward to some more. Keep up the good work x.

Steve Lancaster said...

Aah, see, I don't want the building taken down, or Microsoft not to fund the education, just some of the OTT roof-decoration toned down. I'd not begrudge it if I couldn't see it either, but it's the seeing of it that's the whole problem!

My beef is with anyone who feels that a generous education of children has to come at the cost of a piece of environmental mismanagement. And I really don't think anyone could disagree with me there...

Kind of sneaky, by the way, that no-one reponsible for the building advertised the roof colours in advance, like a certain plan to demolish Earth to make way for an interplanetary by-pass. I had to take my own photos, because, despite it being a high profile building, and despite the School possessing a webcam trained on the build and everything, there are no photos of the roof-blocks online.

And still so easy to put right!

Anyway, you know me, Claire: I hold four opinions about everything! (Trying to 'essay' another pun to do with literature and Macbooks into the conversation, and failing badly.)

Hee-hee. I kind of like being provocative. Could get addictive.