Wednesday, 16 September 2009

784 - How Do You Draw a Pink Wind?

This is another illustration drawn for our friend Marianne. She's pulling together a book of poems for children which she wants to publish on Lulu. The poem is called 'The Pink Wind From The Orb of Ore'.

E met Marianne at Pax Lodge, a Girlguiding 'World Centre' in London where Marianne was working as maintenance manager. We didn't know at the time that she had another life as a singer/poet, although I'm fairly sure there was a guitar in the corner of her basement den, alongside the broken whiteboards, only-for-cold-weather heaters, tools, Christmas decorations, and odd items Guiding History memorabilia.

Marianne sang as Marian Segal in folk clubs in the Sixties, and was lead singer/ songwriter of a critically acclaimed folk rock-trio, Jade, in 1970-71. She's enjoying renewed interest in the Noughties: reunion gigs and the release of old and fresh material - a Jade album after thirty years in 2007.


Dominic said...

nice work, fukinagashi style.

Sid Smith said...

what a lovely drawing. I love the movement in this - you can really feel the wind on the face here!

Steve Lancaster said...

Thanks! I'm a bit chuffed with this - started it in Starbucks, finished it in Newcastle Central Library.

And now (fukinagashi) I've learnt a new word because of it!

Am toying with the idea of drawing a few pictures around Whitley...