Monday, 19 October 2009

769 - Wedding Pic

I'd totally forgotten drawing this...!

It was for a couple of friends I'd met at Whitley Bay Baptist Church, whose daughter was getting married. Each item of luggage references something about her or her husband-to-be.

Not a brilliant image: just a point-and-click camera, but you can pick out some of the details, including Sarah's favourite childhood game.

But man! That took more brainpower to recollect than I care to mention!


Dominic said...

Hey Steve, I was planning on spending the 21st November sketching around Whitley Bay. Its part of a thing called sketch crawl >

I am going to see if I can get a group of people involved as an informal drinking coffee and drawing day. Interested?

Steve Lancaster said...

Dominic, really like this... but in Newbury on the 21st!

How's the planning going? I'd be up for doing something similar another time - company would spur me on as the one place I don't seem to get down to art is in Whitley itself!

Good luck on the day. Will you be blogging about it? I look forward to finding out how it all goes.