Saturday, 28 February 2009

894 - Whitley Bay Culture Quarter

A quick nod to Culture Quarter, who seem to be making good their commitment to the community-based regeneration of Whitley Bay through inventive and public promotion of arts and culture in the area.

They've opened an office opposite the Playhouse in the abandoned newsagent just up from the arcades on Marine Avenue. Plans are permanently on display at the office, and an invitation to contribute ideas.

They are advertising a Public Meeting on 3rd March to set out their plans, which I hope to attend.

Today (28th February) is the second of their Mind Sports Taster Days at the Berkeley Tavern, also on Marine Avenue. This offers a chance to play a variety of board games in a public(ish) space, runs from 2.00 till 8.00pm, and is free (though I guess you buy your own beers). By my watch it kicks off in around forty minutes. It's drop-in - you don't need a full-on six hour commitment to attend!

I'm wanting to maintain a degree of objectivity towards Culture Quarter, until I know a bit more about them, though it's hard not to be partisan when they keep coming up with great ideas...

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