Sunday, 15 February 2009

904 - A Resolution

After my last post I found myself caught in a bit of a dilemma. It's probably fairly typical. In simple terms, how autobiographical did I want this blog to be? I want to talk about experiences I've had that could make me sound potty. I want to explore where they lie according to criteria such as religious orthodoxy, mental health, and probability. Then, maybe, to ask whether and how they might occur communally (that is, to a group of people, a town even) as well as personally.

Eventually I want to ask under what circumstances, if any, and if it is possible, it could be considered positive action to precipitate them.

It seems to me that the risk of being shot down in flames is worth taking. So over the next three posts (taking the blog to its hundredth entry) I'm going to present some seeming
'inexplicabilities' which are core to my sense of identity. Future posts to refer to them, these posts simply to present them, as I experienced them, as concisely as possible. But I want, over the long term, to be ruthless with myself, scientifically rigorous.

Not sure what I'll conclude (that's half the excitement!), but all comments and input welcome.


hectoria said...

Don't be afraid. Carry on reaching out.At least by writing your thoughts and explorations down you are recording your preoccupations at any one time. Possibly you are in post birthday uncertainty just now.

Steve Lancaster said...

Probably, Hectoria!

Lots of love...