Wednesday, 25 February 2009

896 - Story Engine

Recovering after the high that was the first day of this.

Great to hear from commissioning editors and writers about the very real changes that the internet is bringing for media industries new and old.

Even more exciting to sense that I'm riding the same wave, with the big idea that I am having - somebody called me a pioneer today. I feel like a pioneer, and that can be bloody scary (and lonely). But how could I have it any other way? This ride is a thrill and a passion.

Very vague (sorry). Nouvelle Vague (double sorry - bad pun for film buffs). Will blog more about my big idea and the Story Engine Script-Writing Conference at the weekend.


dave said...

better a pioneer than a buccaneer....... or is it?

Steve Lancaster said...

If buccaneers get their kicks from bucks, do pioneers get theirs from pies?